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How ‘Mobile-Centric’ Fibre Networks Will Make the UK a 5G Leader

This whitepaper from Mentor Europe looks at how MNOs in the UK can work with each other and with fixed infrastructure providers and investors to drive change.

Catapult Your Strategy Execution to the Next Level

Mentor Europe's CEO, David Hilliard, gives his thoughts on strategy execution. Learn how to catapult your strategy execution within the telecoms sector to the next level by harnessing new technologies and transformation initiatives.

The Human Dimension in Executing Change

When executing your strategies, there's one thing leaders forget to account for: the human dimension. CEO David Hilliard gives his advice for addressing the human element during your strategy execution.

Eight Questions to Ask Before You Start a Business-Critical Program –...

Few things stir up executive emotions quite as much as how a company should organise to run a business-critical program. David Hilliard, CEO, gives his thoughts in this guest spot.

Strategies for modernising traditional applications in a multi-cloud world

The definitive guide to maximising the cloud, enabling innovation and redefining governance.

How to Increase 4G Capacity & Build Strong Foundations for 5G

5G is here, but it'll be a long time until we see a full roll-out. What can we do to increase 4G capacity in the meantime? Mentor's CEO, David Hilliard, investigates.

5G Fibre Deployment: Economical, Fast, Flexible

It's absolutely essential to be economical and agile when it comes to 5G fibre deployment. David Hilliard from Mentor Europe discusses the implications.

Deadly Program Resourcing Slipups & What You Can Do About Them

Mentor CEO David Hilliard examines the biggest traps in program resourcing and gives his thoughts on what you can do to overcome them.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Cloud Computing

The key to implementing and maintaining the right cloud computing solution for your business lies in taking a holistic approach. Your hosting platform, migration method and ongoing operations need to be considered together, to avoid costly mistakes and risk business performance. Find out how...