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Unpacking the Artificial Intelligence Suitcase

Following last month’s AI webinar on the Rise of AI, October saw the second instalment of our AI webinar series: Unpacking the AI Suitcase....

Struggling with Cloud Adoption? Here’s What to do About It

Successful cloud adoption requires only a handful of key ingredients, addressing each of which mitigates much of the risk involved.

The CIO in the Digital Age

Driving change in the age of disruption can be overwhelming. With so many complex factors

Ok, the world is mobile-first… so what happens next?

You only have to look around at your other passengers on the bus or train to know it. Mobile is where more and more...

The Past, Present and Future of Malware (and malware protection)

How long do you think malware has been around for? The exact date is of some debate among historians. From a physical (virtual?) perspective,...

Thoughts on GDPR’s 1st birthday

Thoughts on GDPR's 1st birthday Can you believe GDPR is now one year old? Even though 12 months is a long time in digital marketing,...

Everybody’s Darling – Why Users and Hackers Love Email

Email is one of the most important channels of communication in everyday office life. No other medium makes it so easy to exchange messages...

How AI will transform enterprise mobility

The race is on to incorporate AI into enterprise mobility strategies. Find out where IT leaders are focusing their next-generation efforts.

Welcome to the future of enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility is essential for organisations wanting to survive and thrive in the Industry 4.0 era. Find out three ways to gain a crucial advantage.