Tharishni Arumugam of Aon on Data Ethics & The Future of Privacy Tech

Privacy specialists are at the forefront of data regulations across the globe. The modern privacy landscape is expanding exponentially, and everything from data ethics to biases in AI are on the table as we welcome Tharishni Arumugam to the Show.  At Aon, she leads a team of privacy and data specialists who are helping their business to a more compliant and ethical future.

Tharishni Arumugam says she doesn’t like to lose sleep over work, but admits that data ethics, biases in AI, and the environmental impact of data cause her to reflect and drive her direction of travel in her role at Aon.

In this episode of The Show, the Global Privacy, Technology, and Operations Director discusses her role, how she got to where she is, the wide-ranging world of data ethics and the complex maze that is international data privacy regulation. Amongst all of which, she still manages to get eight hours of sleep.

Tharishni is also a prolific speaker, workshop host, and ESG advocate. Her passion for her work is evident throughout this episode as she addresses each question in detail and with ease. Listen in for insights including:
[06:22] – How collaborating with CISOs drives better data practices
[07:31] – Data minimization in a landscape of exponential data growth
[10:06] – AI’s role in data ethics and the carbon footprint of data
[12:04] – Why data ethics isn’t getting the attention it deserves
[14:39] – The challenges around navigating different nations’ privacy laws
[19:45] – The value of building a culture of data privacy
[22:26] – Breaking into and excelling in the privacy field
[24:46] – Technology selection and addressing bias in AI

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ESG is about everything. It’s about doing right by the planet and by society, and it should be everywhere and in everything you do as an organisation.

Tharishni Arumugam,
Global Privacy Technology & Operations Director,

Tharishni Arumugam
Global Privacy Technology & Operations Director at Aon

Thirishni Arumugam is the Global Privacy Technology & Operations Director at Aon, she helps Aon’s businesses globally comply with its privacy obligations, with a focus on supporting their broad spectrum of technology application and development, including supporting Aon’s data and analytics services.

She is a qualified lawyer dealing with operational, compliance, governance and advisory aspects of privacy and data protection.



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