Scott Vaughan, Integrate CGO, On Elusive Sales & Marketing Alignment & the Growth Director’s Role as Catalyst

The Show Episode 4

The Show returns with a sit-down with Scott Vaughan, Integrate’s Chief Growth Officer. We chat about the rising role of Growth Director, why it’s wrong to try and align sales and marketing, and the future of MarTech.

The Chief Growth Officer is a relatively new role, but in Scott Vaughan’s opinion it is absolutely vital. As Chief Growth Officer at Integrate Inc., Scott works cross-functionally and in market with hundreds of B2B organisations to develop effective strategies that accelerate marketing and sales revenue impact. We were eager to find out more!

During this instalment of The Show, we talked to Scott about how he got into Growth and Revenue as a career, tracking his development from marketing specialist right through to Chief Marketing Officer and, eventually, Chief Growth Officer. His long career has seen him experience first-hand the evolution of marketing and the rise of MarTech.

Scott pointed out that marketing used to be the artsy function within the organisation. It was difficult to quantify, but was always the more creative field in the workplace. But that started to change as we embraced more data-driven methods and MarTech became more popular. Data allowed marketers to do more, but now the function has stalled. It’s up to marketers, Scott argued, to take that data and look at the full customer lifecycle to break down barriers and connect with buyers.

We then went on to explore Scott’s role in Growth, and discovered what is key to success in that role: patience and communication. Scott sees his role as a catalyst job that is highly target-driven, one that builds new revenue impact by working in the middle of the sales and marketing functions. Which brought us onto our main topic of discussion – why sales and marketing will never align. Instead, Scott urged us to integrate these teams with common data and end goals.

We also discussed how to build more human experiences that translate abstract products and services into tangible terms – leading to higher conversions – and the future of digital transformation, MarTech, and the C-Suite’s role in driving growth.

Listen to the full episode now to gain further insights from Scott Vaughan!

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About our Guest

Scott Vaughan
Chief Growth Officer,

Scott Vaughan is a business-driven marketing executive with strategic, P/L and hands-on experience in marketing, customer and revenue leadership roles. He works hard to find and exploit organisations “secret sauce” for growth and serve as a business catalyst, connecting marketing, sales, customer success and product to markets, customers and GTM channels. Scott is also a board member, advisor, practitioner, speaker and writer on all things marketing, technology and business. In his current role as Chief Growth Officer at Integrate Inc., he develops and executes growth, revenue and go-to-market strategies that deliver results.

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