Navigating the New Cyber Security Landscape with Rob Shapland of Falanx Cyber

Cyber security is no longer what it used to be. That’s because cyber threats have become more persistent, sophisticated and voluminous, and the switch to hybrid working has only accelerated this trend. Rob Shapland from Falanx Cyber explores how to navigate this new reality without slipping into complacence or excessive knee-jerk reaction.

With a distributed workforce, the attack surface has expanded beyond the known territory. With new and more sophisticated threats coming in every day, traditional cyber security wisdom alone cannot win the battle. That’s why modern enterprises are changing their paradigm.

In this episode, we sat down with Rob Shapland to discuss what the future holds. Rob has over 15 years’ experience in cyber security and began his journey as a penetration tester. He is now a well-regarded thought leader in the industry. He has appeared on Good Morning Britain, ITN News, BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show, and Talk Radio Europe. He appeared on Channel 4’s “Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back,” and showed how smart devices can be hacked into.

He shares with us the lessons and insights gained from his long and illustrious career, what the future looks like for enterprises, and how they can start preparing today. Start listening now.

You’ll hear insights including:
[10:22]: The evolution of cybersecurity and lessons for enterprises
[11:35]: How Ransomware-as-a-Service is changing the threat landscae
[15:16]: How to protect your social media accounts from phishing attacks
[17:10]: What is red teaming and whom it is for
[19:08]: Bolstering physical security to improve cybersecurity in big organisations
[22:58]: The role of culture in cybersecurity and how to build the right culture
[27:54]: How to respond to a ransomware attack
[35:42]: Why networking monitoring technology is important for security posture
[36:59]: Three essential parts of a cybersecurity incident response plan
[39:29]: Predictions for cybersecurity in 2023

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

Getting inside isn’t hard. . . When I get inside, if I’m going to steal any data or encrypt any data, I’ve got to do certain things. And if you have networking monitoring, those things are quite easy to detect. So, if you are a CISO, look at your detection…

Rob Shapland
Head of Cyber Innovation,
Falanx Cyber

Rob Shapland
Head of Cyber Innovation,
Falanx Cyber

Rob Shapland is an ethical hacker and Head of Cyber Innovation at Falanx Cyber. He routinely appears on TV and media to talk and inform about the latest in cybersecurity. He also specialises in red teaming, cyber security awareness training, social engineering, penetration testing and cybersecurity consultancy.



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