P-O Johansson, EMEA Strategist at Citrix, on Human Sustainability & Creating a Digital Workspace Centred on Employee Wellbeing

The CEO.digital Show Episode 9

P-O Johansson is our latest guest on The CEO.digital Show, here to discuss the value of promoting human sustainability within your organisation and how leaders can enhance employee wellbeing.  

Episode 9 of The CEO.digital Show saw us invite P-O Johansson, EMEA Strategist at Citrix, for an in-depth discussion on the emerging area of human sustainability – and its value to wellbeing going forwards, especially in an age of remote working and anywhere operations.

First up in our discussion, we talked about how large organisations today are struggling to respond to ongoing crises and establish a truly Anywhere Operation. P-O highlighted the problem of on-prem infrastructure, which consume lots of energy and are difficult to scale. By moving to the cloud, P-O says, you can benefit from an extra 30-40% capacity to scale when you need it most. Likewise, with on-prem your investment commitments stretch to 3-4 years, but in the cloud you pay for what you use when you need it.

Finally, we turned our attention to human sustainability. This is the new way of looking at both employee wellbeing and environmental policies, given that your employees are the most expensive resource you have as a company. P-O demonstrated that it was vital you made sure your employees are healthy, both mentally and physically, and the invaluable role a properly aligned digital workspace can play in achieving that.

Uncover more about human sustainability and building a digital workspace employees actually enjoy using in our latest episode of The CEO.digital Show. Podcast available now on all major streaming services.

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About Our Guest

P-O Johansson
EMEA Strategist,

As Solution strategist for EMEA, P-O is accountable for strategic mapping, solution development, communicating the Citrix vision and guiding customers through the transition journey to the Cloud. This field CTO-style role provides customer advocacy and business level solution expertise focusing on Business Value Engineering. P-O has over 20 years of experience, and in the past decade he has focused on sustainability, end-user experience and productivity. He has built joint business value cases, powered CxO strategy validation, acted as a trusted adviser, and evangelises the Citrix vision and strategy.

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