Mark Stead, CFO & COO at Moët Hennessy, on Heritage vs Technology & Transforming Supply Chains for a Sustainable Future

This week’s highly anticipated guest on The Show is Mark Stead, CFO and COO at Moët Hennessy. With an impressive leadership history across business functions at leading multinationals, Mark shares his multifaceted insights on sustainablility in the industry, and the rapidly evolving role of the CFO.

Since leaving his native South Africa, Mark has spearheaded transformation and financial operations at the likes of Universal Music, Disney and BIC. During our chat, we learned how diversity in roles and work cultures have been instrumental in Mark’s successful career so far, and how he juggles and creates business value between operations, finance, and IT functions.

We also learned how Mark champions IT solutions as an integral part of change, not just as a solution for modernising legacy processes, and how his philosophy on transformation in the luxury goods industry smartly balances the conservation of heritage brand identities with tech-driven business change. In addition, Mark shared his passion for driving sustainability and biodiversity through the industry’s production methods, and for creating customer-orientated experiences that deliver on today’s changing expectations.

Listen to the episode to unlock insights on:

  • Unique challenges faced by the luxury goods industry during the pandemic
  • How global supply chains are being overhauled to secure a sustainable future for international business
  • How C-level leaders can gain visibility of the coming years in disrupted and transforming industries
  • Mark’s advice on the many possible paths to becoming CFO at a global company

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

Finance touches everything – the CFOs of tomorrow are going to be instrumental transformational leaders for their organisations.

Mark Stead,
CFO and COO,
Moët Hennessy

Mark Stead - show - GUest - A02

Mark Stead
CFO and COO, Moët Hennessy

Mark is the Group Chief Financial and Operations Officer of Moët Hennessy. He oversees the global functions of Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, Purchasing and IT and is a member of the ComEx of Moët Hennessy. In addition Mark has oversight of the group Transformation Office and manages a global team of over 1000 people.

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