Mark Cusack, CTO of Yellowbrick Data, on Filling the Gaps for Distributed Industry Challenges & the Future of Cloud for 2022 & Beyond

This week’s highly anticipated guest on The Show is Mark Cusack, CTO of distributed cloud specialists, Yellowbrick Data. Mark shares his comprehensive business insight into the rapidly evolving world of cloud, the industry challenges and solutions in our midst, and his timely predictions for the future of the world of cloud.

Following previous roles in an extensive academic career and within numerous startups, Mark Cusack is now the Chief Technology Officer of Yellowbrick Data. In this episode, we get to hear about how he leads the company’s roadmap, guides product development, and continues to push the boundaries of what data warehouses and data analytics systems can do.

We also uncover Mark’s unique insider knowledge on the challenges confronting the modern world of distributed business and how to navigate these, and the timely predictions of the technologies and strategies of cloud that are changing the future of the enterprise forever. Most notably, his visions of distributed and cloud native for Yellowbrick.

Listen to the episode to unlock insights on:

  • The announcement and emergence of distributed cloud and what this means for the running of expanding analytics and applications
  • Rethinking what cloud native means at the network edge and the public cloud
  • Everyday case studies of where the application of data is used as a service
  • Exclusive highlights from Mark’s newly published Whitepaper on Yellowbrick’s distributed cloud
  • Leadership advice for those looking to get into the C-suite

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

When the time comes, if you choose to go to one cloud or another, or even repatriate back on premises, we’ve got the options and the capability to support you there, so that’s what sets us apart from the other data warehouses on the market in that we can basically deploy anywhere.

Mark Cusack

Mark Cusack
Chief Technology Officer, Yellowbrick

Mark Cusack is the CTO of Yellowbrick Data. Before joining Yellowbrick, he was vice president for Data and Analytics at Teradata. Cusack joined Teradata in 2014 when Teradata acquired RainStor, where he was a co-founding developer and chief architect. Prior to RainStor, Cusack was a lead scientist in the UK Ministry of Defense. He holds a PhD in computational physics from Newcastle University, and his thesis was centered on discovering the electronic and non-linear optical properties of quantum dots.



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