Joseph Edwin, Expert Partner at Bain & Company, on Nurturing the Next Generation of Innovation Leaders & Working Towards Transformation Success

Whether it’s transforming Australia’s leading provider of financial services or the largest financial services group in the Nordics, Joseph Edwin has driven lasting organisational change around the world. We sat down with Joseph to hear more about his career, his thoughts on the future of transformation, and how he’s helping to mentor a new generation of business leaders.

Not many people have had a globe-spanning career quite like Jospeh Edwin has. Spanning opportunities in the Nordics, Australia, the US and now the UK, Joseph has played pivotal roles helping to transform top financial enterprises. He’s now an Expert Partner at Bain & Company, where he focuses on large-scale transformation strategy for some of the world’s top brands.

So chatting to Joseph was, of course, an absolute pleasure. We learned about how to keep the transformation show on the road, even when it takes years to complete and key project leaders change during the process. We also heard about how Joseph is helping to mentor the next generation of innovators.

Elsewhere in the episode, learn about:

[01:47] The Wild West of Silicon Vally in the 00s
[06:36] The Current Hubs for Tech Innovation Globally
[09:59] The Key Ingredients for Transformation Success
[12:19] Why Commonwealth Bank Adopted Public Cloud Early
[15:55] Handling Organisational Change During a Transformation
[23:42] Having the Right Mindset for Transforming a Company
[27:07] The Next Big Thing for Transformation: AI & Quantum Computing
[31:05] Mentoring the Next Generation of Innovators

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Deploying AI in a methodical way is absolutely one of the best things that we should keep investing in. We should put time into learning about what that means […] what powers that gives you as an organisation, and how you can apply that to make the lives of your customers better.

Joseph Edwin,
Expert Partner,
Bain & Company

Joseph Edwin
Expert Partner, Bain & Company

Joseph Edwin is an expert partner and a member of Bain & Company’s EMEA Financial Services and Enterprise Technology leadership teams. Joseph has particularly deep expertise in large-scale, technology-enabled transformations and is a thought leader on core banking modernisation. He helps guide enterprises through multi-year transformation programs, advising them on developing and executing IT strategy, transforming technology operating models, and scaling delivery models in a pragmatic manner. Joseph was previously Head of Core Banking Transformation at Nordea and, before that, CIO at Commonwealth Bank. 



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