Jodi Muter-Hamilton, Founder of Other day, on Transforming the Fashion Industry for a More Sustainable Tomorrow

Few industries are quite as unsustainable as the fashion industry, but Jodi Muter-Hamilton is trying to find a technological solution to improve the sector’s green credentials. Listen to our full interview now.

With attention often turning to emissions and fossil fuels when we talk about climate change, it can be easy to overlook that which feels commonplace – like the clothes we wear. But the fashion industry, through so-called “fast fashion” and global supply chains, constitutes a significant problem for the environment. Jodi Muter-Hamilton is hoping to change that through data.

Jodi previously worked overseas in a large factory before returning to the UK to launch her own ethical, luxury swimwear brand in 2009. But for the past eight years, she’s worked across marketing and comms to help fashion tech start-ups to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Since 2017, she’s explored and pushed the conversation around sustainability.

In our full interview, Jodi addressed:

• The role data can and should play in managing fashion’s global supply chain
• Why governments need to step up to help the fashion industry become greener
• The need to move away from purely growth-centred models of business
• Why businesses must do more to accelerate sustainability and take pressure off consumers

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

It’s not good enough to hide behind the CSR team anymore […] The C-Suite needs to be clued up [about sustainability because] it’s the biggest thing that will happen to us in our lifetime.

Jodi Muter-Hamilton,
Founder, Other day &
Founder and CEO, Lab 2030

Jodi Muter-Hamilton
Founder, Other day &
Founder and CEO, Lab 2030

Jodi Muter-Hamilton is the strategy and communications director of Fashion Roundtable, and founder of Black Neon Digital and Project 2030. From working in an overseas factory and returning to launch her own Made in Britain luxury swimwear brand in 2009, Muter-Hamilton understands the complexities of creating a brand and business with strong values. In 2017, she founded Other day, an independent editorial and podcast platform to push sustainability in fashion. She is also the founder of Lab 2030.



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