Jo Boswell, Founder & Director of Sentio-B, on How to Succeed as a Modern CX Leader & Deliver Transformation

Jo Boswell joined us this week on The Show to explore the challenges faced by modern CX leaders. She delivered the highly successful “Know Me” personalisation programme at British Airways. Here she shares the keys to how modern CX leaders can achieve their most ambitious transformation goals.

Jo Boswell had a 27-year long, high-flying career at British Airways before she started Sentio-B in 2018. She masterminded the flight carrier’s “Know Me” programme. From her experience, she distilled leadership behaviours and created a tried-and-true framework to help leaders deliver a successful CX transformation project.

Jo also has a free skills self-assessment called the CX Altitude which leaders can use to identify their strengths and development areas. At Sentio-B, Jo engages in coaching and consultation for CX leaders.

Her approach is marked by pragmatism and empathy. In the podcast, Jo discusses how CX leaders are often bogged down by concerns with technology and data when they should be focused on driving internal engagement. She discusses how storytelling can be a powerful tool to get buy-in from the board. With her intimate awareness of the hurdles and resistances that CX leaders face daily, she demonstrates how listeners can prove the value of their work and keep everyone interested in it.

Tune in to get more insights into:

  • The biggest challenges to buy-in from the board for a CX transformation project
  • How Covid-19 has affected modern CX
  • Why storytelling is key to pitching CX transformation to the board
  • 5 leadership behaviours essential for a successful transformation
  • The value of quick, commercially relevant wins early in the project
  • How to overcome “not invented here” syndrome
  • The single most important advice for CX leaders and aspirants

You really don’t know how long the runway is going to be before you know that the organisation loses interest [in the CX project]. So, finding a way of getting some quick wins and making those results commercially relevant is the thing that will get you noticed by the C-Suite.

Jo Boswell,
Founder & Director,

Jo Boswell
Founder & Director, Sentio-B

Jo is the founder and director of Sentio-B, started in 2018. She specialises in customer experience innovation and transformation, with expertise in helping organisations develop a customer mindset and drive customer experience improvements. She coaches CX leaders to help them achieve the organisational and cultural change to become more customer centric and unlock business value.



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