Jeff DeVerter, Rackspace CTO, on How to Extract Value from Cloud & Digital Transformation After Covid-19

The Show Episode 2

In episode two of The Show, Jeff DeVerter joined us to discuss the state of the cloud market today, how organisations should plot their cloud adoption, and why low-code apps could be the defining tech of the decade

Jeff DeVerter’s journey to becoming Chief Technology Officer at Rackspace has been anything but typical. Originally, Jeff embarked on a career in music, but over the course of 20 years he transitioned into technology and is now in the C-Suite at Rackspace. We knew this was going to be an interesting conversation even before we hit record.

For this episode of The Show, we were keen to chat to Jeff about how Rackspace has transformed since it was founded in 1998. We learn how Rackspace has positioned itself as a key player helping companies to embrace technology, acting as champions of digital transformation by working in partnership with other companies like AWS, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle.

Jeff also talks about the state of the cloud market today. He explains that cloud technology was the answer walking around waiting for a problem to solve – and has found the perfect problem in Covid-19. But crucially, we learn that “To truly exploit the benefit of the cloud [companies require] lots of transformation: organisationally, in your personnel and then of course in your technology. Don’t view it as a technology-only problem because it certainly isn’t.”

After talking about the merits of public, private and hybrid cloud and how businesses should go about plotting their cloud adoption strategy, we turn our attention to the future of tech as Jeff sees it: low-code/no-code applications.

Listen in now to discover how organisations are generating new business value through cloud technology – and will continue to do so by harnessing that data structure to rapidly deploy low-code apps.

Headshot Jeff DeVerter CTO Rackspace

About our Guest

Jeff DeVerter
Chief Technology Officer,
Rackspace Technology

Jeff has 25 years of experience in IT and technology, and has worked at Rackspace for over 10 years. Jeff is a proven strategic leader who has helped companies like American Express, Ralph Lauren, and Thompson Reuters create and execute against multi-year digital transformation strategies. During his time at Rackspace, Jeff has launched and managed many of the products and services that Rackspace offers, as well as supporting merger and acquisition activities to enhance those offerings. Jeff is the father of two young men and husband to his wife Michelle of 26 years. When not at Rackspace or around San Antonio, you can find Jeff doing land restoration on his ranch in the Texas hill country.

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