Jane Christopher, Citrix Sr HR Business Partner, on Building Enhanced Employee Experiences in the Remote Working Age

The CEO.digital Show Episode 5

The CEO.digital Show welcomes Jane Christopher (Senior HR Business Partner, Citrix) for an in-depth discussion on the vital business area that is employee experience. From wellbeing to upskilling, onboarding to culture, we look at how companies can build, maintain and promote better experiences in the remote working era. Listen now!

In November 2020, Jane Christopher joined us on The CEO.digital Show for a deep dive into the world of employee experience. We were keen to hear how companies were responding to the remote working era, with a particular focus on keeping employees engaged and maintaining company culture with a distributed workforce.

What followed was a fascinating discussion on how companies have reacted to multiple lockdowns and social distancing, with new onboarding processes and the further embrace of digital technology. We learned that employee experience has taken on a new level of importance. If companies provide the right tools, security, and promote collaboration, Jane believes they can build the exceptional experiences they need to bring success – even when remote working.

We also talked about how leadership has had to evolve in the last year. Traditional management leadership styles no longer cut it. ‘I think [remote working has resulted in] a positive shift for leadership,’ Jane said. ‘It’s [now more] about empowering our employees, having the trust, and being a leader and a manager that is there to maybe remove barriers, to help them upskill, to help them do the best of their work.’

Creativity is at the heart of excellent employee experience today. Jane shared how Citrix has embraced new ways of working to boost collaboration. She also showed how Citrix has helped companies address cultural hurdles to digital transformation by upskilling employees with the knowledge they need to work together even when distributed.

Listen to the full podcast now to hear more on Jane’s thoughts about employee experiences in the remote working era. And what major companies can do to boost collaboration, secure employee wellbeing, and ultimately succeed.

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About our Guest

Jane Christopher
Senior HR Business Partner,

Jane Christopher heads the Northern European HR team at Citrix, with a focus on strategic business partnership for the sales, presales and networking teams. Jane has more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, including seven at Citrix. As the D&I Ambassador for Citrix across EMEA, Jane has built, delivered, and led inclusivity and belonging programmes across this wide, diverse geography.

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