Gunjan Bhow, Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Global Chief Digital Officer, on Employee Creativity, Resiliency & Adaptability in Times of Crisis

The Show Episode 8

The Show kicks off 2021 in conversation with Gunjan Bhow, Global Chief Digital Officer at Walgreens Boots Alliance. He shared what it’s like and what it takes to lead digital transformation at $100bn+ global businesses. Listen in now!

Following tenures at Disney and Amazon, Gunjan Bhow first rose to the challenge of leading global transformation at Walgreens Boots Alliance in 2018. Taking a 107-year-old organisation and introducing digitalisation across businesses, functions and geographies was never going to be easy – but we knew his journey would make for a great episode of The Show.

We’re kicking the year off right with our first interview of 2021, in conversation with Gunjan Bhow, Global Chief Digital Officer at Walgreens Boots Alliance. Over the course of an hour, we learned about Gunjan’s career so far, including his time at Disney and Amazon (where he helped lead the launch of Amazon Echo), before picking his brains about what successful transformation looks like for a $100bn+ global business.

We also discussed the resiliency, creativity and adaptability of employees in this time of crisis. Gunjan championed the response of Walgreens Boots Alliance employees to the pandemic. He also cited how important it is for the C-Suite to listen to the innovations proposed by their employees, without whom companies wouldn’t foster the creative ideas that drive success.

Finally, Gunjan shared his thoughts on what it takes to lead a global digital transformation, and the primary imperative of geographies. The most successful global transformations are the ones that find commonalities between geographies and build from there to deliver what the customer wants and needs. Only then should you focus on specific geographic preferences or needs, including cultural differences in behaviour.

To find out more about digital transformation on a global scale, listen to the full discussion with Gunjan Bhow today. The Show is available on all major streaming platforms.

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About Our Guest

Gunjan Bhow
Global Chief Digital Officer,
Walgreens Boots Alliance

Gunjan Bhow leads WBA’s global efforts to identify customer needs and to develop innovative solutions that can delight and improve the lives of tens of millions of customers across the world. He brings over 25 years of experience, garnered at Disney, Amazon, Microsoft, Plantronics and WBA, to lead customer-centric digital transformation and to develop category-defining products that have been adopted by over a hundred million consumers worldwide and generated billions of dollars in revenue.

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