Flavilla Fongang, MD at 3 Colours Rule, on Overcoming the Unique Branding Challenges Facing Tech Companies & Promoting Diversity in Digital

The CEO.digital Show Episode 14

Flavilla Fongang is our special guest for this edition of The CEO.digital Show. Founder and Managing Director of award-winning agency 3 Colours Rule, author, brand strategist, plus BBC brand advisor to say the least, Flavilla is at the forefront of the brand experience field. It was with great pleasure that we welcomed her to the podcast.

An award-winning serial entrepreneur, neuroscience brand expert, and founder of agency 3 Colours Rule, Flavilla Fongang joined us in April 2021 for an in-depth discussion on branding, diversity, plus remote working, and so much more. As a renowned international keynote speaker, founder of Tech London Advocates – Black Women in Tech, and host for the Tech Brains Talk podcast series, we’ve been keen to talk to Flavilla for a while.

Top of the list for discussion was the unique work Flavilla has done to help technology brands connect with their customers. We learned why Flavilla finds the technology space so intriguing, why proper marketing is always essential (and should never have its budget cut!), and we talked about the benefits society could reap by decentralising work away from the city.

Also up for discussion:

  • What brands, and technology companies in particular, can do to promote diversity in their firms, starting at the top
  • The subtle art of neuromarketing and the invaluable role psychology plays in successfully connecting with consumers
  • Why we shouldn’t forget about employee wellbeing and the value of face-to-face interaction as more of us work remotely
  • How to establish your brand’s purpose to ensure you deliver more than just a service
  • The current ways in which consumer behaviours are changing and what tech brand strategists should be doing about it

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Headshot Flavilla Fongang

About our Guest

Flavilla Fongang
3 Colours Rule

Flavilla Fongang is a serial entrepreneur, author and the founder of 3 Colours Rule, an award-winning branding and neuromarketing agency. Computer Weekly named her among the top 5 most influential women in tech in the UK. Through her agency, she has helped her clients scale their brand nationally and internationally. She was awarded the “She’s Mercedes” businesswoman award by Mercedes Benz. Flavilla Fongang is a respected brand strategist with neuromarketing expertise and the creator of the D.A.C. system and The “Beyond marketing” strategy. Flavilla is the brand advisor for the BBC and provides regularly actionable brand strategy advice on live radio and TV. She is also the founder of Tech London Advocates for Black Women in Tech. She hosts Tech Brains Talk podcast providing insights and advice to tech entrepreneurs and companies. She is also the author of “99 strategies to get customers”.

She has been a keynote speaker for the most prestigious international events, such as AdWeek, HubSpot, DMWF, MozCon, AdWorld, Upgrade100, CTA, MarTech and many more.

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