Erik Eklund, Founder of BE The BEAT, on Helping Brands Tell Authentic Stories & Facilitating Human Connection

This week on the show we’re joined by Erik Eklund, a story telling specialist, coach, mentor, motivator, and facilitator of human connection. We sit down to discuss the nature of connection vs connectivity, how life experiences can give you an opportunity to shape your future, and how storytelling has followed him throughout his remarkable career.

Erik Eklund helps people live more intentional and mindful lives. His own words, “I promise I won’t go easy with you, but I promise it will be whole-heartedly warming and rewarding experience” are read back to him as he laughs. His positivity is infectious. Born in Colombia and adopted by Swedish parents, Erik’s battle with his own identity and sense of belonging led him to seek and value the nature of identity and storytelling. He’s made an exceptional career for himself in luxury brands and hospitality, and more recently in hosting events and programs in his BE the BEAT series; helping people connect professionally with their peers but also with themselves.

In this episode, Erik holds nothing back as he unpacks the events in his life that may have challenged him initially, but ultimately brought him the clarity and drive he needed to move forward with intent. We tackle some intimate questions about personal motivation and unpack what it means to help someone discover their truest joys and ambitions. He moves on to discuss how his openness and ambition to facilitate connection turned into LinkedIn Local and BE the BEAT, networking and self-betterment in a welcoming environment.

Tune in for more insights such as:

[03:09] Lessons learned from traveling at a young age 
[05:37] What it means to be a facilitator of human connection 
[09:48] Storytelling at Louis Vuitton 
[12:50] Tailoring your message effectively for large audiences   
[15:25] The origins of LinkedIn Local
[22:00] How BE the BEAT began
[25:02] Overcoming the instant gratification trap 

Make sure your story is as personal as possible. The more personal it is, the more vulnerable it is, the higher the probability [there] is that it will connect and relate to the people in the audience.

Erik Eklund,

Erik Eklund
Founder, BE the BEAT

Erik Eklund is a Catalyst of Human Connection, Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, and Public Speaker. With over 15 years of experience, Erik has developed an exceptional understanding of what motivates people and how to create environments that encourage authentic growth. He is the Co-founder of LinkedIn Local and Founder of BE the BEAT, a Human Connection Experience that’s garnered rave reviews.



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