Dixie Adams, Managing Partner, Hybrid Cloud Services at IBM on Fusing Business & Tech, the Power of Open Innovation & the Culture of Technology-Driven Change

This week’s exciting guest is Dixie Adams, Managing Partner, Hybrid Cloud Services at IBM, who joins us for a chat ahead of her keynote appearance at our partner company Chief Wine Officer’s virtual event in June. We talk leadership, open innovation and the ever-increasing integration of business and technology.

Dixie went from not wanting to work in tech to embarking on a distinguished IT career spanning three decades. She now spearheads hybrid cloud services for a frontrunner on the global tech scene, where she draws on her passion for fusing business and technology to help clients accelerate transformation. We chat to Dixie this week to hear her take on great leadership styles, the power of planning, what it means to be a leading woman in the tech world today and much more.

During our conversation, we learn about the paramount value of embracing open innovation to drive the transformational changes that every company needs in today’s disrupted business climate. Dixie reveals why it’s important to draw on all aspects of vast and varied technology landscapes when forming a modernisation strategy. Only by understanding and using appropriate technologies can you build a successful hybrid cloud strategy, she shares. We also find out why underestimating the ‘people aspect’ of technology implementation can be detrimental, and why a culture that encourages learning from mistakes is also one that fosters creativity and innovation.

Tune in to this episode to hear more about:

  • Aligning business operating models with IT strategy in a rapidly changing business climate
  • How to develop teams’ skills and capabilities in line with technology implementation
  • How business leaders can learn from other industries’ transformational challenges and successes
  • Which industries are leading on the post-pandemic transformation front
  • Why companies are increasingly thinking about transformational changes for their own workforce in addition to those affecting company output

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Keeping business outcomes top of mind is really, really important because this is not about technology for technology’s sake – it is really about enabling the business transformation aspects.

Dixie Adams,
Managing Partner, Hybrid Cloud Services,

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Dixie Adams
Managing Partner, Hybrid Cloud Services at IBM

Dixie Adams is the Managing Partner for IBM’s multi-billion-dollar Cloud Application Innovation business across North America, with responsibility for strategy, client value and business performance. She has deep consulting experience in IT strategy, systems and technology deployment, and a passion for the intersection of business and technology.

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