Denese Edgar, Head of Marketing at Clifford Chance, on Transforming the Marketing Function for a New Age of Digital Experience

Joining us this week is Denese Edgar, the Head of Marketing at international law firm Clifford Chance. Denese shined a light on the state of digital transformation within the marketing sector, how her team reacted to the pandemic, and creating elevated digital experiences for the modern era.

It’s clear now that we’ve moved into a new era of digital experience, accelerated by the pandemic and the necessity of remote working. And almost every function within the enterprise has had to adapt to this new normal. For Clifford Chance’s Head of Marketing, Denese Edgar, the story was no different.

Throughout our fascinating discussion, we learned about how it’s essential for the marketing function to align with the IT department so they can drive digital transformation success, together. But in particular, Denese shared why it’s absolutely crucial for marketing teams to invest in the right technology to reach their targets. This was the case for Denese and her team, where face-to-face interaction was the main priority before the pandemic – and now they had to replicate the same intimate feeling within the digital sphere. Denese shared her experiences in driving this kind of transformation forward.

Other topics of focus included:

• How an international law firm pivoted following the Covid-19 pandemic
• The challenges of updating outdated systems and processes to make the organisation more agile
• Facilitating great working relationships within a cross-discipline, distributed workforce and safeguarding employee wellbeing

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As an organisation, you often impose what you think people need or want in a digital channel.
But actually it’s not about that, it’s about understanding how they want to engage with you and what they’re actually looking for. That’s a very different way of doing things.

Denese Edgar,
Head of Marketing,
Clifford Chance

Denese Edgar
Head of Marketing,
Clifford Chance

Denese is an experienced Head of Marketing with a demonstrated history of working across industries. She previously spent 10 years at Investec, and before that acted as Senior Brand Manager for the likes of the Post Office, Nando’s, Standard Bank and more. Dense studied at Harvard Business School and has over 20 years’ experience within the marketing sector.


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