David James-Roll on strengthening business resilience using real-time data

The world of physical security has radically changed. Security leaders and their teams must not only deal with new challenges but also make rapid decisions that can save lives, property and reputation. David James-Roll of Dataminr* shows how real-time data can help enterprises navigate the modern risk landscape.

In an increasingly connected world, modern enterprises struggle with many unknowns that directly impact employees, infrastructure and business continuity. While you can’t always control threats, you can at least make a difference by understanding them.

Throughout this informative episode, David James-Roll demonstrates how real-time data can be gathered from public data sources, made sense of, and applied to make quick, life-saving decisions. New kinds of threats may blur the line between physical and cyber security, but sophisticated algorithms can unearth insights and patterns to tackle risks and transform security operations. Are you ready to build a more secure and resilient enterprise? Listen to the full episode now.

You’ll hear insights including:

[02:18]: David’s career journey from the British military to Dataminr
[05:11]: Introduction to the Dataminr Pulse platform and how it draws alerts from public data sources
[06:03]: How early alerting can save lives during extreme weather events
[09:20]: Why security teams with access to real-time data make faster, better decisions
[12:22]: How economic downturn is affecting people’s behaviour and crime rates
[13:36]: How to deal with supply chain disruptions using real-time data
[14:06]: Cyber-physical convergence and patterns to look out for
[26:37]: Insights to speed-up time to action
[30:47]: Future-proofing your business in the new risk landscape
[39:29]: Cyber and physical security as two sides of the same coin

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

*At the time of recording, David James-Roll held the position of Director of Corporate Solutions Practice at Dataminr.

How do you identify risk in the first place? You’ve got to get out there, however that may look, and find out what’s going on. If you’ve got a finite resource of people, how do you know that you are looking in the right place? . . . This is where technology is the way to go.

David James-Roll,
Director of Corporate Solutions Practice,

David James-Roll
Director of Corporate Solutions Practice, Dataminr*

David James-Roll is a highly respected security professional and former British Army Officer with over 20 years’ experience delivering global operations and defining policy. He has dealt with terrorism, loss prevention, and the COVID pandemic. He advises businesses on operationalising AI platforms for early alerting like Dataminr Pulse.



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