David Germain, CIO and Thought Leader, on Building a Digital DNA & Continuous Improvement Culture in the Enterprise

David Germain, an independent CIO and thought leader, joined us this week on The CEO.digital Show to unravel the strategic ways in which successful organisations are building digital DNAs. He underscores the importance of a culture of continuous improvement, diversity and inclusion, and geography agnosticism among many others. Tune in to learn more.

David is more than just a CIO. He is an external member of the University of Cambridge’s Audit and Risk Committee, a diversity and gender ally, and a judge and ambassador for Everywoman Tech awards. Starting as an apprentice engineer, he has driven successful transformation projects in the likes of Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, and GE Capital. What’s the secret to his successful career?

David emphasises the need for positive models of leadership, encouragement, and mentorship, all of which he received in his own development. Fundamental to his approach is the “culture of continuous improvement.”

In this episode, he shows how tech leaders can tie together all the areas of business in one cohesive culture led by tech: the digital DNA. He also touches upon sensitive topics such as the George Floyd incident and Black Lives Matter and connects the dots for the listener to show how these social issues feed into organisational culture.

Learn more about other important questions and issues like:

[04:10] – The most important changes sweeping through organisations and how C-level leaders are responding to it.
[06:39] – How to create a “continuous improvement” culture to become truly digital and not just paperless
[08:58] – The necessary elements to attracting and retaining high quality digital talent for the future
[13:30] – Why diversity and inclusion play key roles in creating a culture of innovation
[14:10] – How to become a real gender and ethnicity “ally”
[21:29] – How are organisations and C-level leaders fostering values that Gen-Z employees are looking for
[25:10] – Authenticity, humility and respect – qualities that can help you become a better leader

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Can we set up an environment of continuous improvement? That’s really what digital is about. Be technology agnostic but create a DNA and a fabric in your culture where everyone’s involved in improving the organization.

David Germain,
CIO & Thought Leader

David Germain
CIO & Thought Leader

David Germain is an independent CIO and thought leader. He was previously the CIO of RSA Insurance Group. He led the company’s long-term technology and transformation vision and was responsible for technology, cybersecurity and compliance. He also chaired the RSA global technology community, the board of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Chairty, and the Audit and Risk Committee of Cambridge University. He has more than two decades of experience as a pioneer and leader of global technology and digital strategies that transform business performance and growth.



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