The Future of Media Tech, Bundling & Consumer Power with David Beck of Brightcove

David Beck (Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer, Brightcove) is a man with extraordinary experience and one who simultaneously wears many hats. Through a career journey that has not been ‘a to b to c’ as he puts it, he has architected, executed, and advised some of media’s biggest moves and mergers. We dive straight into how he’s done it and what excites him about the future of media.

A former Executive Vice President at AMC Networks and Warner Media, David Beck currently holds seven roles that keep him busy in the same 24 hours we all have. His primary focus is his role at Brightcove, where he focuses on identifying and accelerating growth opportunities. In media, David is an innovator, an investor, and a tutor. He’s grown media tech startups, co-founding his own in BraVe Media, and been a key figure in mergers including BraVe, Turner Media, and Warner Media which was acquired by AT&T.

In this episode of the Show, David takes us into deep waters in the media industry, talking about what it’s taken to get to where he is now, the trends that have shaped the media market over the past 5-10 years, and what its future may hold. Filled with exclusive insights into an industry whose tech innovations and pioneers perhaps don’t get the attention they deserve; David gives us a fascinating glimpse into the movements that make our favourite streaming and media services work as well as they do. Listen in for exclusive insights including:

[02:11] David’s unconventional journey to his current role at Brightcove
[05:58] The day-to-day as Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer
[10:33] The value of holding external advisory roles
[14:04] Understanding technology for utility & profitability
[17:01] How companies are adapting to evolving behaviour and experiences
[19:37] How the bundle wars are evolving content offerings
[23:18] The value of data and identity privacy for consumers
[26:48] How the Metaverse will empower IP ownership

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

There will be more premium long form content available than in any period in history, and how do you reduce that noise and get to what you want to see? There are still great strides that need to happen around search and discovery.

David Beck,
Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer,

David Beck
Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer, Brightcove

David Beck is the Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer at Brightcove. This new role focuses on identifying and accelerating strategic growth opportunities, including organic initiatives, acquisitions, and partnerships globally. He boasts two decades of experience in strategy, operations, and business development at elite digital brands, previously serving as the EVP, Head of Content Strategy and Business Operations at AMC.



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