Dr Anushka Patchava, Deputy CMO at Vitality, on Why Real Transformation & Personalisation Hinges on Effective Use of Data

Dr Anushka Patchava from Vitality joined us this week on The CEO.digital Show to explore the transformation initiatives in the healthcare and wellbeing market. As both a medical and tech expert, she shows how data is the lifeblood of patient-focused personalisation and gives precise insight into how to leverage data in day-to-day operations. She has also co-authored an important whitepaper on blockchain with the UN. Tune in for more insight.

Dr Anushka Patchava buzzes with optimism and positive energy. At the height of the pandemic, she switched career from being a medical practitioner to deputy CMO at Vitality. Bringing her intimate bedside knowledge and first-hand understanding of patient pain points, she worked with Vitality to drive several modernisation and personalisation projects. All of which resulted in better experiences for patients.

In the episode, she answers the big questions that have always been challenging in healthcare. How do you reduce patient admissions? What are the ways to digitise and personalise content for patients based on the stage of their condition? How do you focus on the experience of the patient as much as the outcome of the treatment? How can diversity and social responsibility be addressed in treatments? Her answers come back to the same crucial element: data.

Data, rather than received wisdom or educated guess work, is the skeleton key which will open the doors to all these opportunities. Tune in to the episode for more insights into:

[04:08] – Trends within the healthcare sector
[10:44] – The “Fake Commute,” a brain hack to get into the office mindset when working from home
[15:03] – Why data needs to be accessible to the right people at the right time
[18:30] – Winning the Top 10 Women In tech award
[20:08] – Modernisation and transformation initiatives in healthcare
[25:09] – How personalisation and diversity intersect
[29:28] – Focus areas in healthcare that need to be paid more attention to
[32:07] – Tech disruptors to look out for in the future

Is the data you have on your customers, on your employees, within your business, in the right place? Do the right people in the business have access to that data? It’s really hard [to transform] if all your data sat in a data warehouse, with someone having to write code to then get that data out.

Dr. Anushka Patchava, MD
Deputy Chief Medical Officer,

Dr. Anushka Patchava, MD
Deputy Chief Medical Officer,

Dr Anushka is an experienced healthcare leader and strategist with a history of working in product innovation and commercial strategy across the pharmaceutical, health and medical devices sector. Her expertise also includes Digital Strategy and Leadership, Value- Based Healthcare and Marketing Analytics. She is an Expert Advisor to the UN (CEFACT) for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Healthcare.



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