Alvaro del Pozo, Vice President of International Marketing at Adobe, on Marketers as Drivers of Digital Experience for the New Era

This week’s innovative leader on The Show EXTRA is Alvaro del Pozo of Adobe whose diverse international career has made him a brand thought leader who influences strategy at companies around the globe. His take on marketing and technology has enabled marketers to realise their full business potential and he’s inspiring the next generation in experience in more ways than one.

Alvaro del Pozo knows better than anyone that a new business mindset is required in today’s era of experience, and he has set himself at the heart of driving that change. His work in tech for over 30 years, combined with an impressive global career spanning continents as well as marketing and software development, Alvaro’s diverse background has defined the leadership style he now uses to transform brands digitally and pave the way for the future of marketing.

Alvaro revealed his brand thought leadership in devising strategy for both heritage and modern companies around the world. He also spoke about his global mindset in helping to deliver impactful, life-changing messages and solutions to communities.

Listen to the full episode to hear everything he had to say on the above and much more, such as:

  • Driving and accelerating digitally centric businesses for the new era in experience with authentic, genuine messaging and values.
  • Helping elevate communities by engaging in digital education
  • The changing role of the CIO and the CEO and how they must join forces in technology, knowledge and emotion to deliver to customers in the context of digital experience.

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

An emotional connection with your customers is still critically important to the overall effectiveness of marketing, because after all we live in the intersection of science and art and that’s what I love as marketing as career.

Alvaro del Pozo,
Vice President, International Marketing,

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Alvaro del Pozo
Vice President, International Marketing, Adobe

Alvaro del Pozo is Vice President of International Marketing for Adobe where he drives the brand, thought leadership, demand generation, measurement and insights strategies spanning the enterprise. His extensive experience in the unique Asia Pacific and Japan regions includes leadership roles connecting with audiences across consumer, small business and enterprise and public sector segments.

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