James Stewart, CTO at Public Digital, on Achieving Successful, Human-Centric Digital Transformation

Joining us for this edition of The CEO.digital Show is James Stewart of Public Digital. With projects including building and leading the tech team operating GOV.UK and assisting with California’s Covid-19 response under his belt, these are the insider views you need to bring next-gen transformation to both the public and private sectors.

James Stewart’s eclectic career zigzags seamlessly through both the public and private sector. He calls them “institutions that matter”. He has worked on transformation projects in some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including the United Nations, the World Bank, and the NHS. He uses a pragmatic approach that combines hands-on knowledge of technology and an intimate understanding of user needs, which led to the resounding success of the GOV.UK project. In this chat, James generously shares insights gathered over a long career.

Through his unique perspective, we see why people matter as much as – if not more than – technology for the success of digital transformation projects. Politics, policies, and legacy systems and processes interplay to create situations that make transformation both a challenge and opportunity. At the heart of it all are real human beings, whose lives technology touches. He also speaks on how the Covid-19 pandemic is rapidly driving changes that were considered too risky during ordinary times.

Tune in to get more insights, including:

  • How you can build client relationships in the post-pandemic world
  • Why you need a multi-channel, multi-disciplinary approach to your transformation efforts
  • How organisations can transform themselves to serve new client groups
  • What place sustainability should have in your transformation efforts
  • Where to begin when you are planning a transformation project

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We’re seeing a growing understanding that [transformation] is about culture. It’s also about the entire operating environment and style of big organisations. Being good at technology is a necessary part of it, but it’s just a part of it.

James Stewart,
Public Digital,

James Stewart
CTO, Public Digital

James Stewart is Public Digital’s lead technology specialist. James is a non-executive director in the UK Parliament, advises a number of startups, is a member of the Mayor of Hackney’s Digital Advisory Council, speaks regularly at events around the world, and is the author of Budgeting for Change. Previously, he was also Deputy CTO of the UK Government. A software developer by background, he built and led the technical team operating GOV.UK.



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