Dr James Robey, Global Head of Corporate Sustainability at Capgemini, on Accelerating Sustainability in the Technology Sector

This podcast is part of the IT Sustainability & Workplace Experience Series from Citrix.

Dr James Robey met with us to talk about how sustainability leaders are driving the level of change we need to limit the worst impacts of climate change in this edition of The CEO.digital Show EXTRA. Listen to the full episode now!

Who drives sustainability within the enterprise? That’s a question that Dr James Robey has spent his career asking and answering. In today’s episode of The CEO.digital Show EXTRA, Dr Robey discusses how attitudes to sustainability have changed in the past few years, and how the C-Suite can promote sustainability from the top down.

Elsewhere, we also learned about how enterprises of various sizes undertake sustainability initiatives, how IT impacts the sustainability credentials of the wider organisation, and how IT leaders can kickstart their own green processes by bringing more efficiency and good housekeeping to the function.

Learn more about how the C-Suite is accelerating sustainability within the enterprise right here in the full podcast.

The CEO digital Show EXTRA James Robey - Guest A01

Dr James Robey
Global Head of Sustainability,


James has led the Capgemini Group sustainability agenda since setting first carbon reduction targets in 2008. James also lectures on sustainability at a number of universities and is a member of both the Environment Leadership Group at Business in the Community (BITC) and the Senior Advisor Network to the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

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