On-Demand Webinar: When AI Met Retail – The Story of Predictive Intelligence

AI Webinar Series: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY Volume V

AI’s impact on Retail is about predictive intelligence that helps humans effectively query the future.

AI’s Influence on Retail

AI’s rapid reshaping of the retail industry is being fueled by machine learning and data science. These new technologies are positively influencing the decision-making processes across all business units when it comes to predictions, targeting and relevancy. This makes it useful for the entire retail chain – from the retailers to the supply chain and more importantly the consumer.

So, it should come as no surprise that investments in AI by the retail segment are exceedingly high. In fact, investments will exceed USD 15 billion by 2025*. Virtual display rooms that showcase hyper-personalized products, product demand forecasting by day / store / product, and bespoke targeting are just some of the day-to-day features you will come to expect.

But many are experiencing the AI revolution in retail already. Right now, early-adopter retailers have embraced machine learning to help them make more accurate predictions and better business decisions in an effort to serve their customers better, ultimately driving up the bottom line.

In this edition of the Good, The Bad and The Ugly, we are sharing anecdotal examples of what has worked and what hasn’t as artificial intelligence embeds itself into the foundation of your technology stack. Hear from Paul Winsor, General Manager of Retail at DataRobot, and David Skerrett, an award-winning digital transformation expert, as they present use cases of AI in the retail industry.

AI Experts

David Skerrett Ai Webinar Host

Paul Winsor
Retail General Manager for DataRobot

Paul Winsor is the General Manager of Retail for DataRobot. He has been a leader in the industry for more than 30 years. Previous to working for DataRobot, Paul spent 19 years in several senior roles at Sainsbury’s, the 2nd largest UK retailer focused on data-driven strategic objectives. Paul has also led the Retail business practice for database and analytics-related software leading technologies before moving into the AI sector. His expertise lies in helping retailers embrace AI and leverage data to improve profitability, grow and become more efficient and customer-focused.

David Skerrett
Digital Transformation Leader

David Skerrett is AI enthusiast and a digital strategist with 19 years’ experience and 140 awards to his name inventing the future of experience, today. He has been named a Drum Digerati twice in the last 4 years, a BIMA Hot100 thought leader, and placed 17th in The Drum Mobile top influencers.


Introducing Our Sponsors, DataRobot

This webinar was brought to you by DataRobot. 

DataRobot enables organizations to leverage the transformational power of AI by delivering the world’s only trusted enterprise AI platform combined with an AI-native strategic success team to help customers rapidly turn data into value. Gartner positioned DataRobot as a Visionary in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms based on its ability to execute and completeness of vision.

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Good, Bad or Ugly?

Our guest speakers will also be presenting good, bad and ugly examples of AI, and asking for your vote to rank them as such. We’ll explore the ways AI is helping save the world – from medical breakthroughs, to revolutionising warfare, all the way to seeing how it can be programmed to find Waldo (so you don’t have to).

We’ll let you decide how good, bad or ugly AI can be and provide you with a devil’s advocate viewpoint.


The duration of the webinar is 1 hour.

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • David Skerrett Introduce theme and any relevant definitions
  • David to explore the theme and introduce guest speaker
    Paul Winsor to present ideas on AI in Retail
  • Discussions around the good, the bad and the ugly with the panelists debating key points
  • Q&A from listeners including feedback on live polls.
  • Wrap up and close