On-Demand Webinar: AI’s Influence on FSI


AI’s impact on Financial Services is less about robots and more about real-time and predictive intelligence that help humans effectively query the future.

AI’s Influence on FSI

David Skerrett, and Infoworld Innovator Mark Palmer, look at the impact AI is having on the Financial Services and Insurance industries. We’ll explore how artificial intelligence is innovating the industry and how humans and machines can combine to achieve strategic enhancement.

We’ll delve into the FSI computing trends that will facilitate next-generation banking systems from adaptive data science for real-time and predictive intelligence to visual intelligence that helps humans effectively “query the future”. Plus we’ll discover how data analytics are transforming risk and fraud management.

Join us to understand how FSI Leaders can make sense of millions of data points and turn them into meaningful insights, and how AI is making this easier than ever before.

AI Experts

Mark Palmer, TIBCO
David Skerrett Ai Webinar Host

Mark Palmer
SVP and General Manager of Analytics for TIBCO

Under his leadership as CEO, StreamBase (now part of TIBCO Data Science) was honoured by the World Economic Forum with one of the most prestigious awards in technology innovation – Technology Pioneers. In 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, Institutional Investor named Mark as one of “The Top Executives and Innovators in Financial Technology.” In 2005 he won an InfoWorld Innovator award and was named to the InfoWorld Media Group’s Innovators Hall of Fame for his achievement in event processing.

David Skerrett
Digital Transformation Leader

David Skerrett is AI enthusiast and a digital strategist with 19 years’ experience and 140 awards to his name inventing the future of experience, today. He has been named a Drum Digerati twice in the last 4 years, a BIMA Hot100 thought leader, and placed 17th in The Drum Mobile top influencers.


Introducing Our Sponsors, TIBCO

This webinar was brought to you by TIBCO. 

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Good, Bad or Ugly?

Our guest speakers will also be presenting good, bad and ugly examples of AI, and asking for your vote to rank them as such. We’ll explore the ways AI is helping save the world – from medical breakthroughs, to revolutionising warfare, all the way to seeing how it can be programmed to find Waldo (so you don’t have to).

We’ll let you decide how good, bad or ugly AI can be and provide you with a devil’s advocate viewpoint.


The duration of the webinar is 1 hour.

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • David Skerrett Introduce theme and any relevant definitions
  • David to explore the theme and introduce guest speaker
    Mark Palmer to present ideas on AI in FSI
  • Discussions around the good, the bad and the ugly with the panelists debating key points
  • Q&A from listeners including feedback on live polls.
  • Wrap up and close