On-Demand Webinar: CIO & CMO – Working Together to Deliver Customer Experience Transformation

Are you ready to bring CX transformation to your organisation but face cultural hurdles that stop you dead in your tracks?

We invited a CIO and a CMO from world-leading organisations to discuss how to overcome cultural resistance to CX and inspire real change – here’s what they had to say

Customer experiences can make or break brand loyalty, especially now that we live in an era of majority digital engagement. A lot of digital leaders know and understand this, but there’s one thing that’s holding them back from transforming the organisation’s CX approach: company culture.

We were joined by Jannik Devantier (updated: Director of Business Optimisation & Value Engineering, Sitecore) and Behdad Banian (Chief Marketing Officer, Ericsson) to discuss the impact culture has on CX adoption – and how to overcome it. From how to acquire boardroom buy-in to how to instigate wider organisational change, our speakers shared their own experiences of driving CX transformation.

Access the full webinar for free to start your CX journey by addressing the cultural hurdles you’ll likely encounter. Now, more than ever, it’s vital to establish a digital presence your customers love – don’t let culture hold you back.


Key Takeaways

Convincing the C-Suite

The measures of success you need to gain buy-in, how to speak their language, from quick wins to long-term ROI

The objective case

How to pull together the ultimate business case for CX investment to help you reach beyond the CMO

Science shouts the loudest

When legacy technologies fail, organisations turn to the loudest shouter rather than most suitable solution – discover how a scientific approach will ensure you’re heard

The do’s the don’ts, the wins, the losses

Real business case learnings on CX transformation from a CMO at one of Sweden’s largest telecommunication providers


Guest Speakers

Sitecore speaker - Profile picture

Jannik Devantier
Director, Business Value & Strategy, EMEA, Sitecore

At the time of recording, Jannik was Head of Value Engineering at Sitecore. He has more than 10 years of experience in helping organisations to achieve successful technology adaptation, business and digital transformation in the marketing function and beyond. Jannik is now the Director, Business Value & Strategy, EMEA at Sitecore.

Behdad_Banian_Ericsson photo

Behdad Banian
CMO, Emerging Tech and New Businesses, Ericsson

Behdad Banian is Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Business Area Technologies and New Businesses, at Ericsson. A member of the Business Area’s Leadership Team, he thrives on promoting disruptive ideas and new businesses built on 5G and IoT as the platform for innovation.


Introducing Sitecore

Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management that lets marketers own the experience they deliver to their customers and prospects.

More than 4,600 of the world’s leading brands — including American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, easyJet, and L’Oréal — trust Sitecore to help them deliver the meaningful interactions that win customers for life.

Visit sitecore.com to find out more.



The duration of the webinar is 1 hour.

  • Welcome and Introductions by Craig McCartney highlighting latest survey findings in the Nordics

  • Jannik Devantier on how to gain boardroom buy-in by measures of success and how to put together an objective case in YOUR organisation

  • Behdad Banian on boardroom buy-in

  • Anecdotal feedback on the dos, the don’ts, the failure and learnings

  • Q&A from listeners including feedback on live polls

  • Wrap up and close