On-Demand Webinar: The power of Conversational AI in CX

We need to talk: Conversational AI in CX

Join CX2030 as we delve into the power of conversational AI – and show you how you can implement AI for powerful CX conversions at your company.

Our hosts

David Skerrett Ai Webinar Host
Pfennemore Paul Pic

David Skerrett, Digital Consultant

David Skerrett is a digital consultant and strategist with 19 years’ experience inventing the future of experience, today. David’s innovative and transformative thinking has helped brands such as the BBC, John Lewis, Nike, and Santander thrive in the digital age.

He has written and contributed on topics such as CX, voice, mobile, e-commerce, AI, transformation, and the future for the likes of Forbes, eConsultancy, eContent, CMO.com, and has been named a Drum Digerati twice in the last 4 years, a BIMA Hot100 thought leader, and placed 17th in The Drum Mobile top influencers.

Paul Fennemore, C-Suite CX Consultant

Paul Fennemore is a C-Suite Level Digital Transformation and Customer Experience Consultant to the C-Suite, and an Associate Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Oxford Brookes University.

Paul cuts through the hype and takes a pragmatic, results driven approach on how to adopt digital marketing, helping organisations achieve optimal business and marketing objectives. He combines his practical expertise with incisive creativity thereby generating real business advantages for his clients.

Key takeaways

  • The History of AI
    From Turing to ELIZA, where did it all begin and how did we get to where we are today?
  • The FemAIl Voice
    Siri, Alexa, Cortana, the psychological and sociological reasons AI assistants are predominantly female
  • Data: The Key to Regaining the 360-Customer View
    Making the most of your data insights to build a complete customer picture
  • Patterns of Behaviour
    Understanding and anticipating customer behaviour to increase conversions
  • The Many Uses of Conversational AI
    From search to smoke alarms to security and more
  • A New Era of Marketing
    What does conversational AI mean for the future of marketing and customer experience (CX)?
  • The Shopkeeper
    Regaining the personal touch in the digital transformation era
  • How to Implement AI for Powerful CX Conversions
    Taking the next steps with conversational AI for your company

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The duration of the webinar lasts 45 minutes.