Hello Artificial Intelligence, Goodbye Smart Watches: Technology Predictions for 2017

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philip piletic

Guest blog: Philip Piletic

Hi, I’m Philip. My primary focus is a fusion of technology, small business and marketing. I’m a freelancer, writer and traveller who loves to share his experiences with others by contributing to online communities and helping others achieve success. I’d like to thank Unique Mobiles for their help with this article.

2017 is fast approaching and for the techie, that means change.

Good or bad, change is guaranteed in a field that makes leaps and bounds in mere months. So, which technologies expected to grow, and which are expected to slow? Here is what we expect to see in the coming year.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes over the tech world

Who hasn’t asked Siri a question in order to receive a cheeky response?

AI is everywhere, and people love it. Facing fierce competition and a really bad year, Samsung has announced they will be introducing their first Virtual Assistant in the coming year. Samsung’s virtual assistant may be exactly what Samsung needs to recover from the Note 7 fiasco this year. They are sure to pull out all of the stops for the Galaxy S8, which is slated for release this spring.

What does this mean for the AI industry?

AI and Virtual Assistant software will develop more personality and respond in a more natural way. The new AI will put you more at ease with better quality voice responses that may make you forget you are talking to tech. While AI for commercial purposes is still a distant thought, natural AI for the consumer is already here.

More flash memory in smaller housing

Flash memory continues to wow us, offering storage in portable drives that can easily fit in your pocket.

SSD memory has grown to the point where it may soon beat SATA for cost as well. When this happens, everyone will turn to fast SSD storage for all of their data storage needs.

Samsung and Seagate are both expected to introduce new SSDs in 2017. Samsung will release a compact 32 TB SSD, while Seagate will introduce the world to a 60 TB SSD. While Seagate wins when it comes to more storage, Samsung’s storage takes up less space per TB.

Goodbye smart watches

The smart watch game has pretty well tapped out.

While FitBit and Apple may continue to sell the devices, there have been several negatives for the devices this year. FitBit was hit with a lawsuit earlier this year, which alleged its heartrate tracking is inaccurate by a ‘significant margin’ especially during periods of intense exercise.

Another negative trend with wearable tech is that it is being discarded within months of purchase. Battery life is a big concern for users. The companies that manufacture wearable tech will either make changes that will encourage use, or may need to abandon the products.

Automated lifestyle

The beauty of the Internet of Things (IoT) is that it learns from your habits and adjusts to meet your preferences.

This technology is expected to grow in both commercial and residential markets. Connecting your security, thermostat, and lighting to a home network controlled by a smartphone is just the beginning.

Expect to see the release of new IoT devices in 2017 that will enhance the shopping experience in a commercial environment. International supermarket Carrefour has already had great success with implementing beacons. These innovations are geared towards making retail increasingly immersive, while highlighting specific products to catch the eye.

Business applications of technology will be on the rise in the coming year, with businesses looking for new ways to stay competitive. By 2020, the number of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connections will reach 180 million in the United States, up from 50 million in 2014

A Future of Promise

The coming year is expected to bring us new and innovative products that save space and make our lives easier and more productive.

AI, IoT, IIoT, and other as-yet-unknown technologies will continue to grow quickly throughout 2017. Are you ready for it?