It’s Time to Redefine Customer Experience at Sitecore World Tour

Following the biggest turnout ever at Sitecore Symposium last year, the Sitecore World Tour returns with a day-long investigation into how Customer Experience will evolve this year. Find out more and sign up below…

As we dive into 2021, one thing remains clear: digital is here to stay. The world’s best and brightest will continue to lead efforts to become digital first as fast as possible this year. That’s because, even though the light at the end of the pandemic-tunnel is approaching, consumer behaviours have changed, perhaps forever. Only those organisations that continue to meet and exceed customer expectations will remain competitive as we enter deep recessions following the crisis.

It’s with this in mind that Sitecore World Tour launches later this week. The entirely virtual event will help organisations to supercharge their digital moments in 2021 through customer experience (CX), ensuring their brand remains out in front. Sitecore is inviting marketing leaders from throughout EMEA to discuss how they are evolving their brand in the face of the greatest crisis the world has seen in decades.

Today, we’ll discuss a little more about what to expect – and details on how to sign up.


Redefining Customer Experience in 2021 & Beyond

Before 2020, marketers around the world could easily tell you the value of customer experience, but getting sign off and organisation-wide buy-in for CX was a different story. But when the pandemic hit, and brands were forced to prioritise digital channels for communicating and selling to customers, a sudden acceleration in digital development took place.

Long story short, the C-Suite could no longer disregard the pivotal role digital channels play. For many organisations, it proved a watershed moment and saw rapid investment in digital enhancement. The world’s major disruptors, most notably Amazon, benefitted greatly from the crisis, as they were uniquely suited to serve homebound consumers. But others had to play catch up – and fast.

After a year of lockdowns, consumer expectations of digital channels have reached new highs. At the virtual Sitecore World Tour, marketers can learn more about these shifting expectations from thought leaders from HSBC, London Marathon, Beiersdorf AG, Zurich Airport, APM Terminals Fronius, Mashreq Bank, and many more.


Content May Be King, But Its Content Management That Runs the Show

At the end of the day, there’s one thing that will make or break an organisation’s customer experience: content. A seamless experience is essential to a positive customer interaction, and content provides the bridge in your digital reactions to achieve that seamlessness.

But simply throwing content onto a digital channel and hoping for the best is never going to work. Instead, organisations must find ways to manage their content effectively to ensure that the right content reaches the right people at the right time.

Fortunately, this is one of the main areas of focus at Sitecore World Tour 2021. Across six hours and over ten sessions, experts and peers from eight countries around the world will share their thoughts on how organisations can build unrivalled content management strategies to thrill their customers and cut through the noise.


Sign Up to Sitecore World Tour for Free

The Sitecore World Tour is a free event taking place on Wednesday 20th January, 2021. Talks include:

  • Supercharging Your Digital Moments to Gain Your Competitive Advantage
  • Innovations Shaping DX & CX: How Sitecore is helping brands create and deliver meaningful customer experiences
  • Website Factory: How technology stacks can help marketing to scale
  • Possible? Impossible! Interactive platform development for a B2B audience within four months
  • Digitising the Customer Buying Journey
  • Context Matters: How to seamlessly connect online and offline experiences
  • ROI of Content Management
  • Acceleration of Innovation into 2021
  • And many more…

The Sitecore World Tour kickstarts at 9am this Wednesday. Secure your spot for the full day-long virtual event or for any of the individual sessions at Sitecore today.

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