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Technology migrations: mitigating risk and ensuring value

The complexity, cost, risk, and length of data storage migrations can strike fear into the hearts of IT leaders. Wes van den Berg of Pure Storage is here to tell you it doesn’t have to.

Through the Highs & Lows, Tech Sector Dominates Stock Markets in...

This year, tech stocks have experienced a monumental rise in market valuation, fuelling stock market rallies around the world. Now, investors are selling off at a rapid rate, wiping off $1tn in value from Big Tech in just a week. Find out more and what's driving the sell-off.

COP26 Marks ‘Historic Breakthrough’ as 20 Nations Vow to End Funding...

As the COP26 climate summit continues, we take a look at the 20-country pledge to end overseas fossil fuel funding from 2022, and what this means for business and the technology sector.

20 Million Brits Can’t Live Without Social Media Apps & That’s...

Research shows that Brits cannot live without their social apps. How can your business capitalise on this fact and punch above your weight? Find the answers in this exclusive article.

Gartner’s 2021 Tech Trends: People Centricity, Location Independence, and Resilient Delivery

Companies are realigning their strategies in 2021 following the global pandemic. Gartner defined nine strategic tech trends to focus on, but here's what you need to know: Strategies must be people centric, location independent, and above all, resilient. More in the full article.

Preparing the Ground for Your Next Big Cybersecurity Investment in 2022

How do you get the most value out your cybersecurity investment? Answer these 10 important questions security which leaders ask themselves.

Leo Qin, Founder & CEO of Dogesoft: Innovation in People-Focused Transformation

Dogesoft Founder & CEO, Leo Qin, answers our questions in this exclusive Q&A about the company, its genesis, and the present and future of enterprise culture. Exclusive insights inside!

Analysing the Impact of AI on Business with David Skerrett &...

All Things AI returned in November 2019 to deal with the impact of AI on business, sponsored by DataRobot. David Skerrett and James Lawson talked about AI maturity and the positive effects early adopters see.

Andrew Sellers, MD of Foundation IT: VDI Is Powering a New...

We recently sat down with Foundation IT’s Managing Director, Andrew Sellers, to discuss how VDI is bringing workforces together and spurring innovation.