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Companies Turn to Global Market of Freelancers & Virtual Recruitment to...

The gig economy has transformed the way the world does business, especially after Covid-19. Virtual recruitment practices are helping companies acquire critical talent.

MSP Growth & Cyber Threat Risk Set to Escalate in 2022,...

Managed Service Providers have emerged as the new preferred targets of ransomware in 2022, with organisations and governments prioritising anti-cybercrime initiatives more than ever. Read on for more insights.

Coming soon: An in-depth series on Sustainable Cloud

We're gathering expert perspectives regarding the tech world’s impact on impending climate change – and how those same innovations might help forge a more...

Dark Web Investigation Uncovers Shadowy World of Personal Data Theft

A recent dark web investigation has revealed the black-market value of stolen personal data – and the results should give CISOs and IT leaders...

Businesses Prioritising Decarbonisation But Not Climate Resiliency, New Survey Discovers

A new survey of US and UK businesses reveals the impacts of climate volatility, but action isn't being taken to become climate resilient. More details from the Cervest Climate Intelligence Outlook 2021 right here.

1 in 5 Employees Can’t Take Time Off Work Due to...

The Annual Leave Allowances survey reveals concerning levels of pressure on UK office workers stopping them from taking leave, even when mental health is at stake. Here are the top findings from the study.

Australia May Lose Search If News Bargaining Legislation Passes

New legislation being debated in the Australian Senate has raised concerns that it will break the internet. Google has threatened to remove Search from the country - but why? Catch up on the latest developments surrounding the news bargaining code and how the digital giants are responding.

Celebrating Women in Tech on The Show

In commemoration of International Women's Day 2022, we've brought together the female voices that have provided cutting-edge insights on The Show over the past two years. Learn more about how women are changing the face of tech, right here.

Conor Barr, Chief Product Officer at Patchworks, on the Evolution of...

ECommerce has been forced to evolve at alarming rates to meet customer demand. We interviewed someone at the front of that evolution; Patchworks’ Chief Product Officer, Conor Barr. View insights inside.