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James Scott, CEO at Thrive.App: The Modern Business Needs to Deliberately...

Are your employees disengaged at work and looking for a way out? Read this interview with James Scott, CEO, Thrive.App, to discover how you can turn the tide around through these practical engagement strategies.

Don’t Talk About the Cloud! Media Analysis Reveals Little Cloud Interest...

It's not the how, it's the what. WEF media analysis reveals interest in end-product solutions to Covid-19 but not in cloud infrastructure, resulting in security threats, poor implementation and continued economic and health risks.

Bruce Daisley, Former VP EMEA of Twitter: Hybrid Working Isn’t Finished...

Hybrid working isn't finished disrupting the business world. So says Bruce Daisley, bestselling author and keynote speaker in this exclusive Q&A with

ZTNA DNA: Building a Zero Trust Culture that Enables Secure Modernisation

Zero trust is a philosophy, not the magic bullet of security architecture. It requires time, effort, and crucially, a workforce ready to make it their responsibility. Read on for more insights.

Hybrid Working Models to Define Business Strategy After Pandemic Disruption

A new report from reveals the five strategic areas C-Suite leaders are focusing on as they build an Anywhere Operation. Learn more about the hybrid working model of the future here.

Iggy Bassi, Founder & CEO of Cervest: When It Comes to...

Hear from Iggy Bassi, Founder and CEO of Cervest, on climate intelligence, necessary market adaptation, and the value of making climate insights open access.

Karsten Fischer, CEO of PDD: Creating impactful healthcare outcomes through innovative...

In our modern era of acceleration, tech moves faster than most can keep up with. But PDD focuses its efforts on human-centred innovation. As...

How AI Is Affecting Financial Services & Insurance

For the final All Things AI webinar of 2019, sponsors TIBCO brought you David Skerrett and Mark Palmer who dealt with the impact artificial intelligence is having on finance and insurance.

First User Testimonials Released from Diabetes App Trial

Healthtech pioneer my mhealth has recently released the first testimonials from NHS-approved digital therapeutics platform myDiabetes – and it could transform the way the disease is treated.