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Inspiring the multigenerational workforce: Industry report

This report goes under the bonnet of UK organisations to examine the strategic and economic impact of the multigenerational workforce.

For the first time we’re seeing five generations working side by side, from Baby-boomers through to Generation Z.

Naturally, there has always been differences in how different generations approach work. However, this unprecedented shift in the workplace takes place against a backdrop of new technology, innovation and digital transformation.

We contacted 2,000+ HR & Operations leaders for their views on how these dramatic changes are shaping organisations. Here’s a taster of what was uncovered:

Strategic over transactional

Most HR and Operations leaders believe by 2020 their roles will have changed into one of strategic business partner

Workforce leaders say…

The biggest current workforce challenge is split between attracting the right employees, getting employee ’buy in’ to transform workplace culture, and engaging the workforce

Workforce benefits

Multiple generations working together has increased organisational productivity among more than three-quarters of respondents