First User Testimonials Released from Diabetes App Trial

Healthtech pioneer my mhealth releases the first testimonials from NHS-approved digital therapeutics platform myDiabetes. Could this be the future of how medical professionals treat long-term illnesses?

To mark Diabetes Week, digital therapeutics pioneer my mhealth has shared the first testimonies from a patient and clinician who were some of the first to use the NHS-approved digital diabetes platform, myDiabetes.

Since the much-anticipated trial launch in Kent in early April 2021, already over 800 patients have been given access to the myDiabetes platform. These figures mark a shift in the management of patients with diabetes, giving the patient much greater control and responsibility in a supported environment assisted by structured educational material.

Jacqueline (61), one of the first diabetic patients who registered to use the myDiabetes app says:

“I was made aware of the myDiabetes app through the clinician at my GP and was diagnosed as Diabetic around 18 months ago. The app is amazing, it’s like my classroom in my pocket. I just click one button to gain a vast amount of information from the videos on food or even exercise if you lack mobility. The reassurance of having the clinician overviewing my blood sugar results, eyes, feet and my whole lifestyle helps me to continue living a happy life.

“I recommend this app to all diabetics whether diabetic for years or newly diagnosed. I’ve shown it to some Diabetic teams that I know and they are amazed too at the ease and simplicity of the app. It’s also helped my husband’s education of diabetes as well and it is fantastic to have him onboard for support – it’s even changed his lifestyle of exercise and diet too!”

With Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes affecting over 4.9 million people in the UK, it’s crucial that the support services bring patients and their clinicians closer together while also giving patients greater control over their own healthcare. The myDiabetes app has been designed to empower patients in self-management of their condition with a user-friendly digital programme that offers quick and easy access on smart phones, tablets and computers from anywhere, at any time. The app also provides a unique exercise and diet intervention programme, DMFit to help patients increase their activity and improve their knowledge around nutrition.

Diabetes education is a core component of a patients care. The more an individual knows about their diabetes, the more capable they are to manage their condition and the risks of developing further complications. It’s exciting for us to be working closely with multiple diabetes teams throughout the Kent & Medway area.

Ian Thompson
Global Transformation Lead, my mhealth

ian thompson my mhealth

In addition, the in-app content is specifically tailored to enable patients to monitor their blood glucose, HbA1C, and other risk factors. Access to an expert educational programme allows patients to learn about their conditions with the aim of reducing their risk of serious long-term complications. This project will also generate a great deal of invaluable insights into the needs of the patients and how best to support them with their care in the future.

Shindi Panasar, a clinician in Kent who is currently registering patients for the myDiabetes app says:

“My patients didn’t have anything virtual to access for their healthcare before this and so when I was approached about myDiabetes I jumped to it, as I could see it was an excellent platform. My patients are very happy with the app, I can see that they are far more engaged in their healthcare now and more aware of their own diabetes as they have access to medical details they didn’t get before.

“The education resources within the app are so useful to my patients and cover so much to help them. For my own work, it can see far more of my patients’ lives thanks to the app, when they input their own blood sugar levels and other lifestyle factors it allows me to provide better care and advice. I would love to see this rolled out for more of my colleagues to use.”

Following the success of the Kent roll-out, my mhealth plans to roll-out the myDiabetes app to a further 30 clinical service before the end of 2021.


my mhealth’s mission is to change healthcare forever. The company does this by empowering patients and clinical teams to manage long-term conditions using digital therapeutics, delivered remotely at a fraction of the traditional cost to patients with Asthma, COPD, COVID-19, Diabetes and Heart Disease. Founded by two NHS medical consultants to deliver evidence-based interventions using software and applications to patients, my mhealth developed the UK’s first NHS-approved digital platform. The myDiabetes app is their latest offering.