Realities of Post-Covid-19 Working Life Revealed

A new survey highlights the realities behind how the UK’s organisations will return to work post-pandemic. Here’s our analysis.

On-Demand Webinar: AI’s Influence ON FSI

AI's impact on Financial Services is less about robots and more about real-time and predictive intelligence that help humans effectively query the future. AI's Influence...

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Applying the Power of Real-Time Data to Navigate Extreme Weather

Discover how businesses in Germany and Belgium mitigated the worst losses during floods with real-time data in this report from Dataminr.

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Sitecore & EPAM

A COMPREHENSIVE SERIES OF EVENTS, CONTENT AND PODCASTS ON Customer Experience  • Brought to you by thought-leaders Customer Experience (CX) is the defining competitive advantage of organisations working with...

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The Cloud Checklist: Six Factors for Successful Adoption

Want to kickstart a successful cloud migration journey? Utilise this checklist from Rackspace Technologies to ensure a masterful transition to the cloud.