Jane Christopher, Citrix Sr HR Business Partner, on Building Enhanced Employee...

The Show is joined by Jane Christopher from Citrix for an in-depth look at employee experiences. Don't miss her podcast interview - we discuss onboarding, upskilling and company culture in an era of remote working. These are the insights you need for a successful 2021!

Scott Ballina, Senior Director of Diversity, Belonging & Giving at Citrix,...

Listen in as Scott Ballina, Senior Director of Diversity, Belonging, & Giving at Citrix talks on the value of inclusion, productive disruption, and multi-generational workforces.

Three Principles to Guide Your Employee Experience Strategy

Uncover the secrets to employee experience success with Citrix’s in-depth investigation into the guiding principles behind the best EX strategies.

Times Are Changing: Maximise Wellbeing Support for Your Team

Katherine Maxwell, Partner and Head of Employment at law firm Moore Barlow, discusses how business leaders can maximise the potential of initiatives that are designed to support the wellbeing of their team.

Collaboration: The Key to Greater Efficiencies & Productivity in the Workplace

This is the future of collaboration tools and the three key drivers for change according to Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO of Adaptavist. Drivers include the increasing need to integrate with third-party tools, and more.

How a Neurodivergent Workforce Can Transform Your Business

Having a neurodiverse workforce can be transformative for your business. Find out all the benefits of building a neurodiverse workforce in this article

Natasa Rubesa, Project Manager in Global HR at Atos, on the...

We were thrilled to invite Natasa Rubesa for an exclusive interview on the first episode of The Show EXTRA. Tune in for more on the evolution of the HR function.

International Women’s Day: Progress Toward Parity in Stem

International Women’s Day is right around the corner. Nicola Buckley, EVP at Park Place Technologies, discusses what her company has done to promote greater gender parity in STEM – and what others can do, too.

Companies Turn to Global Market of Freelancers & Virtual Recruitment to...

The gig economy has transformed the way the world does business, especially after Covid-19. Virtual recruitment practices are helping companies acquire critical talent.