Developing Software Managers: Best Practices for Making Software Development Hum

The esteemed Marko Gargenta is our guest writer this week for an insightful look into human-centred practices for building and managing a stronger software developer team.

1 in 5 Employees Can’t Take Time Off Work Due to...

The Annual Leave Allowances survey reveals concerning levels of pressure on UK office workers stopping them from taking leave, even when mental health is at stake. Here are the top findings from the study.

Predicting High-Impact Events to Unlock Your Crisis Advantage

Knowing about a crisis, even just a few minutes earlier than others, can make a world of difference in security. Use this Dataminr guide to unlock the crisis advantage.

Three Ways to Build a Strong Remote Team

How do you build a strong remote team now that the world has embraced remote working, possibly forever. Citrix outlined three ways to do exactly that and lead your distributed workforce toward a sense of community.

Realities of Post-Covid-19 Working Life Revealed

A new survey highlights the realities behind how the UK’s organisations will return to work post-pandemic. Here’s our analysis.

COP26 Marks ‘Historic Breakthrough’ as 20 Nations Vow to End Funding...

As the COP26 climate summit continues, we take a look at the 20-country pledge to end overseas fossil fuel funding from 2022, and what this means for business and the technology sector.

The Evolving Role of Modern CFOs: How Finance Leaders Became Business...

The role of the modern CFO is evolving in new and creative ways. Today, by extracting and applying valuable insight from finance data, they’ve...

Can AI Boost Your Digital Transformation Strategy in Today’s Volatile Times?

Businesses are putting greater amounts of data to use, predicting the future, and reaping vastly better results. Discover how AI is helping them in this article.

Role-based ESG: How to capture workforce attention

With ESG taking centre stage in modern corporate life, role-based initiatives could be the key to improving grassroots engagement. Read this article from Peter McAteer to discover why.