Gartner’s 2021 Tech Trends: People Centricity, Location Independence, and Resilient Delivery

Companies are realigning their strategies in 2021 following the global pandemic. Gartner defined nine strategic tech trends to focus on, but here's what you need to know: Strategies must be people centric, location independent, and above all, resilient. More in the full article.

Creating an Effective Partnership with the Modern CFO

How do you create the most effective partnership between the CEO and CFO? Philippe Gangneux, CFO at Sidetrade, lays out his thinking in this guest article.

Dax Grant, CEO of Global Transform, on the Cultural Ingredients of...

Tune into your The Show, with Dax Grant of Global Transform, to learn the cultural ingredients of a successful transformation project.

How to Reach Peak Agility with Composable Tech Architecture

Hugo Fonseca of Rufus Leonard appears on to discuss why composable tech architecture is fast becoming the defining trait of agile enterprises. Find out more now.

Anne Riihimäki of Taigawise: Avoid Information Overload to Conquer Your Sustainability...

Anne Riihimäki, Senior Business Advisor at Taigawise, discusses the pressures of achieving sustainability goals and how to overcome a common hurdle: Information Overload. Read this exclusive guest article to learn more.
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The Human Dimension in Executing Change

When executing your strategies, there's one thing leaders forget to account for: the human dimension. CEO David Hilliard gives his advice for addressing the human element during your strategy execution.

Sarah Friswell, Red Ant CEO, Urges Industry to Step Up on...

This International Day of Women & Girls in Science, enterprises must step up their efforts to encourage women into STEM. Sarah Friswell, CEO of Red Ant, has her say.

Think Tank Shows Big Tech’s Talk on Climate Bigger Than Its...

Although Big Tech has talked up a big game with regards to climate action, new studies suggest most lobbying from world’s biggest tech companies aims at other causes.

Peter Szyszko, CEO of White Bullet: Driving the Post-Pandemic Anti-Piracy Movement

In an exclusive interview for, White Bullet’s CEO, Peter Szyszko, discusses what online content piracy costs the economy and what advertisers can do to mitigate the damage.