How to enhance backup monitoring systems

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Guest blog: Jason Zhang, Rocket Software.

Jason Zhang is the product marketing person for Rocket Software’s Backup, Storage, and Cloud solutions.

It might surprise you to hear that studies now show that a large percentage of backup monitoring systems worldwide are not performing as they should be. Most are up and running, but fail to provide what’s needed.

Do you know what this means? It means money is going out the window. To invest that money in servers, electricity and infrastructure, yet not reap any benefit whatsoever is not a wise investment by any means.

The truth is, sometimes servers are purchased but are never used for their intended purposes, while other servers are completely forsaken because an application was decommissioned. All these examples are pointing to poor management of backup monitoring systems.

Transparency is vital when it comes to backup environments

Most administrators are well aware of the fact that data centres struggle with being efficient and effective all of the time.

Inefficiencies are common, but with the implementation of an appropriate software system, teams will be able to understand and clarify what exactly is going on in the cracks and crevices of their environments.

In fact, these systems create less risk, more predictability, and less expenses within the entire data centre. When teams incorporate the right tools to help them proactively monitoring their backup spheres, they will have access to all the nitty gritty details regarding the health of their whole backup system, as well as the servers they have under their care.

Many of these tools have the added bonus of being able to create reports which are specific to servers, and will show each server’s status. Talk about transparency!

Teams must understand capacity to reduce the number of comatose servers

When teams fail to accurately perform capacity planning, the incidence of comatose servers becomes a common occurrence. By incorporating the tools which help with proactive backup monitoring, administrators can easily see the trends in storage and make more accurate predictions for future needs. With access to historical data, teams can see better than anywhere else what the rate is at which different storage types.

Using the right tools, teams will be equipped to accurately determine true storage requirements. They will simultaneously be better able to avoid the problem of accumulation when it comes to servers that are as good as dead, and wasting time and money.

Tools exists to hunt down resource-draining servers that are as good as dead

Administrators may be scratching their heads when it comes to locating these comatose servers, but the good news is that excellent tools are on the market to help solve this problem.

The truth is, often times when a server is decommissioned it is then never repurposed, and with the addition of virtualization, losing track of a server becomes a common issue. The tools available today aid teams in keeping a close track of every aspect of the backup environment. Even better news is that these tools offer the added benefit of ensuring the backup hardware is always doing its appropriate job.

With the implementation of such solutions, administrators can rejoice over the fact that precious resources will no longer be tapped by idle servers. These solutions have the unique capability of being able to identify and fix problems within the backup environment. In fact, there is even a report which displays the proverbial “hogs” of the backup sphere.

These hogs are notorious for wasting valuable resources and storage space in various departments. You can imagine what a benefit these tools are to the health and wealth of backup spheres around the globe!

Configuring alerts make identification problems easy

We all know that real-time alerts greatly help – by being able to customise real-time alerts to facilitate the preferences and needs of each department, proactive backup monitoring has been made even more accessible and pleasant.

The right tools will make a world of difference for your backup sphere

By producing informative reports and offering an array of helpful dashboards, administrators and business managers will stay informed of their backup environments. In essence, the tools mentioned above will make backup management much more efficient. The investment in these tools is wise both operationally and financially.

Jason Zhang is the product marketing person for Rocket Software’s Backup, Storage, and Cloud solutions.