In the next decade a new generation will take over as business leaders. This presents a massive cultural driver for change, and an ideal opportunity for businesses to take advantage. It requires a focus on the evolving technology landscape, and the change in employee expectations. You’re invited to explore this portal and see the future of work, with some of the opportunities for today’s business leaders.

flexible workings starts with a change of culture

Flexible working starts with a change of culture

These days it’s not an uncommon sight to see business professionals tapping away on their laptops and devices while on the move. Gone are the days where we are tied to our desks and successful...
millennials breathing new life into the workforce

Millennials breathing new life into the workforce

Discover the future of work This publication is essential reading for any decision-maker seeking to attract, engage and retain high quality millennial employees. The findings include feedback from 1,100 professionals, from millennial graduates and employees, to...

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Discover how a range of organisations – from a world-leading insurer to the Metropolitan Police – are harnessing mobility to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Video: Better ways of working

Explore the impact of redefining the work concept – from what you do, to where and how – with technology. See how Vodafone has increased occupancy, reduced property costs and travel expenditure, and raised employee satisfaction and productivity.