Spotlight on e-invoicing and innovation in VAT collection

Analysing Italy’s approach – a sign of things to come for the rest of the EU?

Italy, like many other countries, has a VAT collection gap. Unlike many other countries, Italy has taken action reduce the gap between money earned by companies, against the VAT collected by the government. This infographic highlights how its clearance model works, and includes a strategy for you to leverage as part of your global reporting requirements:

The clearance model explained

Find out how invoice data becomes real-time for auditing and other tax-relevant information.

Italy’s e-invoicing timeline

Get up to speed on how Italy’s model unfolded for domestic and non-EU consumers.

Risk of non-compliance

Discover what happens if an invoice is issued in a way other than through the government platform and in the mandatory e-invoice format.

The solution for businesses

View how to meet requirements in Italy and globally, where more challenging clearance mandates await.

infographic cover

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