Seeing the bigger picture regarding Making Tax Digital

Get up to speed on the transformation of VAT collection

The UK’s HMRC initiative, Make Tax Digital (MTD), goes live on 1 April 2019. It’s part of a wider trend across the EU, as governments act to reduce the tax gap between potential and actual tax collected. And it’s expected to transform how companies operate and open the door to real-time invoicing.

This infographic shows why, how and where MTD will have an impact on business (hint – pretty much everywhere). View your copy to get the latest on areas including:

MTD: The aim

Find out why the size of the UK VAT gap means governments have to act.

Which companies are affected

Discover which companies will need to maintain digital records for VAT.

Compliance requirements

Explore why many businesses will to re-evaluate their software to demonstrate they’re adhering to MTD.

Penalties for non-compliance

Get to know the 3 tiers of lateness, and the interest rate penalties that may accrue.

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