Strategies for modernising traditional applications in a multi-cloud world

This comprehensive guide is bursting with strategic insight around modernising applications, from requirements to considerations and limitations

The average enterprise today operates hundreds, if not thousands, of business-critical applications that support core business practices. The problem for IT leaders is that many of these date back to the pre-cloud era.

This guide shows how application modernisation solves this problem. Find out how to bridge the bimodal gap between new cloud-native applications, and traditional applications that were never built to run in the cloud.

Classifying existing & new enterprise applications

Explore how a bimodal bottleneck is impacting IT teams and their strategies for developing applications.

The application modernisation spectrum

View mapping of application workloads (process efficiency v innovation velocity) in relation to the goals that you need to achieve.

Private cloud pitfalls to avoid

See some of the challenges for new and traditional applications in private clouds. And explore why prioritising low-resource apps for migration risks problems further down the line.

Unlocking the cloud for all applications with a multi-cloud approach

Find out how to take advantage of new, specialised, or best-of-breed PaaS offerings and combine them with best-of-breed clouds for traditional applications.

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