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Context Marketing for Dummies

What it is, why it’s a must‐have in today’s marketing landscape, and what are the benefits it can bring your organization

Your customers are individuals. And your messages should reflect that. Learn how leading marketers are using new techniques and technologies to give their customers personal, low-friction experiences, anytime, anyplace.

The goal has shifted from talking to customers to conversing with them. Marketers need to create experiences that meet customer expectations and are meaningful and memorable enough to make them want to interact with their brand even more. Context marketing is creating a relevant and meaningful customer experience in context of that customer’s current and previous interactions with your brand.

This book provides a broad overview of context marketing — what it is, why it’s a must‐have in today’s marketing landscape, and the amazing benefits it can bring your organization. This book also addresses some of the major hurdles that companies face when they try to personalize marketing messages for individuals, and it offers advice on what can be done to overcome those obstacles.

From this book you will learn:

– Understanding the digital consumer
– Discovering context marketing
– Exploring how marketing technology falls short
– Succeeding in context marketing
– Ten do’s and don’ts for investing in context marketing technology

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