Customer Experience Maturity – The Key to Successful Omnichannel Personalisation

Customer experience Innovators Sitecore shed light on building personalised omnichannel CX strategies. Access the report to learn how to assess your current digital capabilities and get on the road to CX maturity.

We are living in the age of the consumer. Personalised customer experiences have never been as pivotal, and companies have long stopped competing to have the best product, gunning instead for the best customer experience.

The pressure to deliver superior experiences is exceptionally high considering the relentless competition from tech-native start-ups in various industries. Most companies operate on a one-size-fits all model encompassing a web presence, campaign capabilities and web analytics. This is the first rung on the ladder to customer experience maturity but getting to the top requires more. It requires a personalisation strategy that prioritises not only lead nurturing and conversion but customer retention and lifetime value.

To reach these ends, marketers find themselves in an ocean of advanced technologies, data-informed processes and the need to build tech-savvy marketing teams. On this steep learning curve, the key lies in knowing where to start.

In this whitepaper, Sitecore lays out its Customer Experience Maturity Model – a framework that assesses your current digital capabilities and helps you choose the right technology, processes and people to kick-start your transformation to personalised, seamless and omnichannel customer experiences.


The Strategic Value of Customer Experience Maturity
Competing to deliver superior experiences pays off – companies who invest in CX see increased revenue growth, higher conversion rates and consistent customer loyalty. With customers 4.5 times more likely to pay a premium if the experience is excellent than if it’s poor, discover the high returns you’ll see on investing in a solid CX strategy.

The Roadmap to Customer Experience Excellence
The Customer Experience Maturity Model consists of seven steps that can be divided into three main stages: attract, convert and advocate. Learn what each step entails, where your organization falls within them, and how to lay out your roadmap to customer experience excellence accordingly.

Top Risks to Avoid in Your CX Program
From lack of aligned vision and business case to underestimating investment requirements, find out which traps to avoid falling into when layout out your omnichannel CX strategy.



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