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What you need to know about headless CMSs

How to make the right decisions about your content delivery architecture

The ongoing debate over a headless vs. non-headless CMS centers on an important consideration for developers, marketers, and customers.

This whitepaper, “What you need to know about headless CMSs” tells you all you need to know about your options, including Sitecore’s hybrid approach.

To maintain an edge over competitors, you need to ensure the experiences you and your developer colleagues create are as rich, smooth, and contextual as possible—and extendable to wherever your audience is, whether that’s on a mobile app or connected device. Headless CMS architecture is a big part of this conversation.

Key takeaways:

The rise of IoT is putting increasing demand on companies to deliver omnichannel content

Headless CMS and its decoupled rendering has freed developers from the conventions and structures of the back end

A new headless architecture that doesn’t disconnect the marketer from the customer experience

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