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The business case for context marketing

How to prove the value of a customer-centric approach

Company boards need to be persuaded to move from disconnected, unaligned marketing to experience-focused context marketing. This ebook provides marketing leaders with all the evidence they need to show their boards how context marketing can deliver a return on investment and long-term business value.

As a marketer it’s up to you to deliver the experiences we want, at the right time, and on the devices we prefer. For this, you need contextual information about your customers. You need to know all about their past and current interactions with you. You need to understand exactly where they are on their buying journeys, and what they’re trying to do right now. With this context, you’re in a position to offer useful, relevant, personal experiences, just when each person is most receptive.

From this report you will learn:

  • Context marketing imperatives
  • Involving management
  • Tying KPIs to business objectives
  • Return on investment
  • Lifetime customers

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