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7 Lessons from visionary Context Marketers

Why the Context Marketing mindset matters —and how you can get it

Customers have more power than ever before. They have huge expectations of the companies they do business with. And they won’t hang around waiting for you to catch up. Modern, connected, empowered customers are demanding context.

That’s why context matters. With context, you can understand exactly where customers are on their buying journey and give them useful, relevant content, at the point when they’ll be most receptive to it.

In this context marketing masterclass, technology leaders from Danone Nutricia, L’Oreal and Mizuno share 7 visionary lessons informed by their own business successes.

The 7 lessons:

  1. Understand the customer
  2. Take meaning from behaviour
  3. Respond with personalized content
  4. Disrupt organizational norms
  5. Focus on the business case
  6. Use metrics that deliver real results
  7. Keep everything integrated